WolCo Foundation Inc

WolCo Foundation Inc was founded and created as a hand up, not a hand out. We are for the farmers fighting drought, the working mothers that go to night school, the nice man that made himself late for work... because he helped his neighbor change a tire. We are here because we want to help, and because so often it is harder to work and stay afloat, than it is to not work and receive benefits. We were created as a "Thank You", as a way of saying "Don't worry, we see how hard you are working", and as a way to "pay forward" all those individuals that work so hard every single day.

Why Choose Us?

With so many Non-Profits out there, it is hard to know who to donate to... The thing is, we are not going to try and sell you on our Non-Profit... Instead, we simply ask that if you cannot or will not donate, please nominate, and pay it forward.

Rules to nomination are:

1. The person that you nominate cannot be a close friend or relative.

2. The person that you nominate must already be doing everything that they can to better their life and their environment. (Please note: when we say better their environment, we do not mean that they do not litter. We mean that they care for their fellow neighbor, that they try to better not only their own life, but the lives of the people around them.)

3. They must have a viable need of our help. We are not a "get out of debt" solution, and due to this, if the only reason a person needs help is because they cannot control their own spending, they will not be found to be a viable candidate.

4. The person you nominate must have a high moral and ethical stand point. When you nominate someone, we will do a community check on that individual. We do not care what their history is, we only care where they are now in their life, and where they are heading in their future.

How you nominate someone:

Please send an e-mail to:



1. The persons name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, and any other personal information that you feel will allow us to do our community check. (Please note: If you do not have all this information, that is fine, just give us what you have)

2. Your name, address, phone number, and e-mail.

3.Their current situation. We need to know what hardships they are having so that we can find the best way to help them.

4. WHY you have found it within yourself to nominate this person. What makes them stand out in your mind, what makes them special, and/or why do you feel like out of everyone YOUR nominee should be chosen.

5. Lastly, what do you feel would help them the most?

About Us

In Loving Memory of Chasity Batterton

Wish you were here to see us fly...

So often, in today's day and age, people act as if the individuals around them, owe them something. Unfortunately, the vast majority of society seem to fall into step right behind these individuals with their hand out, and because of this there are many that get left behind. There are fundraisers and drives for people unwilling to work, and for situations that could have been avoided if just a little bit of effort had been made, but make just five dollars more than the bare minimum requirement set out by the government, and there is no help coming. Instead, these people are left fighting tooth and nail to feed their family's, to make it to work, or to find childcare so that they can keep the jobs that they already have.

That's why the WolCo foundation is different than any nonprofit currently found in general society today. We are an organization that is not only geared toward,but will only help, those that help themselves. We have a strict standard that those that receive our help must abide by, and they must live by an even stricter code of ethics. We are not government assistance, we will not support indefinitely someone that doesn't want to work, or someone that is willing or trying to play the system. Just as we are not going to support and feed an entire family for years. The truth is, we are a small organization, and couldn't even if we wanted to, and because of they type of help we provide, we can only be a form of short term help for family's that need it, for family's that are already doing everything they can to be productive members of society and only need that little bit extra to see their full potential.

This is not to say that we only help those that have never been in a lick of trouble, or those who's family's name is recognized easily. In truth, it is quite the opposite, as the family's that we help come from every walk of life.From former drug addicts and ex-felons to soccer-mom's and farmers;and though it would seem that they are all completely diverse in their affiliation, they all still have a few things in common; the fact that they are trying to help themselves and their family's,their code of honor, and the ethics that they currently live by.

Though you may think that this is the same old song and dance that every nonprofit gives to the populace at large, just sung with a different tune, let us clarify how our organization works... we do not help anyone that has their hand out. We are not enablers like so many organizations in this day and age. As stated before, we are not government assistance, and in fact we do not accept any form of monetary supplement and/or help from the government, because we want our organization to stay as we intended it, without government influence. That, in and of itself, is different, but we go way beyond that simple difference.

1. The family'sthat we help must me nominated.

A. This means that we do not accept applications from needy family's. Instead, someone (not a loved-one or family member), co-worker, neighbor, ect., must nominate the family in need.

2. When anomination is accepted, they must pass a community check.

A. This means that wecheck with their co-workers, neighbors, church, family, classmates, and anyone else that can give us insight into who these people are.

B. It also means that we are a honor based organization rather than a history based organization.

3. We are not strictly financial help.

A. If the help needed is a tree cut down, car repair, house cleaning, computer repair, momentary secretarial services (to get their paperwork in order),a ride to and from the doctors, a babysitter, or a simple meal that they do not have to cook, we will provide that help. We have found that sometimes the simplest help, the type of help that no-one thinks of, can help the most and have the deepest impact.

4. Lastly, our help goes to the most deserving.

A. This means that the family's must be hardworking, honest, and trustworthy.

B. These are the people that will help any and all that need it, if it is within their power, without ever asking for help for themselves.

C. It also means that the greater need for financial help does not rule where our donations go, because we base our help on their personal honor rather than financial need. Simply put, those with a disintegrated code of ethics do not deserve our help, but those that live by their word,loyalty, and honor do deserve our help, no matter whose financial need is greater.

As a small organization, itis impossible to help all those in need, but we can try. We have always helped any and all that we could with what we had; and we will continue to do so until donations stop, and even then we will continue to help in ways that do not cost money. As of right now, we are simply trying to make you aware that we are out here, that we are different from other non-profit organizations, and that we are attempting to help those that deserve it, the ones out here that are attempting to help themselves.

The farmers fighting drought, the mom and dads that work full-time while going to school and raising their kids, the previous drug addicts and ex-felons that are holding down two minimum-wage jobs just to pay rent and not go back to the life that they once knew, your neighbor that gave you a jump-start last week, teachers, church goers, construction workers,and anyone else whose code of ethics and honor stands higher than the average person you meet. These are the people that deserve our help,but they are also the people that often get overlooked, because they never ask for, nor expect to receive, the help that they so desperately need.

If our organization is one that you approve of, send us your love. A letter in support to us is always a blessing, a letter showing support to these family's would be even better, and anything else you think would help would be a blessing as well. You will never know how much shoestrings mean to the person that has none, just as you will never know what it means to someone that feels alone to get a simple letter, and many of these family's feel exactly that... alone. It doesn't have to be money. A letter, shoestrings, anything... if you can think of it as something that might help, then we most likely have a family that could use it,and if we don't have a family that could use it now, we most likely will in the future.

However, if this is allbeyond you, then please, simply pay it forward. When someone needs a jump-start, be the one to help. When your eighty year old neighbor needs help bringing in the grocery's, take the time to lend a hand.It doesn't seem like much to the average citizen, but it could mean the world to the person needing the help.

Thank you for reading!

The WolCo Team!

P.S. For those of you that want to help from the background... Please e-mail us at: WolCoFoundationInc@usa.com

P.S.S. For those of you that help at the foreground, we thank you.